Saturday, August 15, 2009

Now This is a Protest I Can Get Into!

You may have read news reports of gays being strong-armed for daring to kiss, not once but twice -- in El Paso and Salt Lake City.

Well, in response to that and other efforts to trample GLBT equality and civil rights -- such as passage of California's Proposition 8 -- activists organized a nationwide "kiss-in".

Right on!

Better yet, it wasn't just gays who participated, but heteros as well. More fitting to show people's hypocritical attitude and moralistic double standards towards.

Opposing marriage equality is one of the biggest. So many churches like the Mormons insist that sex should be confined to marriage, and marriage done for love -- then deny loving same-sex couples access to marriage, even outside of their own churches.

How strange that so many profess love as one of the strongest values of their faith, yet forget love's power to transcend so many boundaries. But maybe, just maybe, someone will see one of these demonstrations of love and be reminded of that.


  1. Not to defend the Mormon position on homosexuality, but the gay kiss deal there is bogus. The couple who were asked to stop were on church ground, where no public displays of affection are done in public- not even married heteros.

  2. Question: Do you think the LDS church would have a smooching hetero couple handcuffed and dragged off to jail?

  3. If they had behaved the same way, yes. At the initial contact, they were just asked to stop; from there at escalated like Professor Gates and Officer Crowley. A hetero couple would have just rolled their eyes and stopped kissing.

  4. Actually, it was noted that hetero couples have engaged in similar PDA's on the site, without incident. And the profanities didn't fly until after the guards cuffed them.

    Additional note: The property in question was acquired by the church from the city in a controversial land swap deal. While the church reserves the right to ban "offensive, indecent, obscene, lewd or disorderly speech, dress or conduct," they also assured city officials that they would not use any heavy-handed approaches to enforce that, including prohibiting people from hand-holding or kissing on the cheek.